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Since its establishment in 1995, FANCOR factory provides professional commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment. We are an original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M) that supplies and export products for top foreign countries such as Australia, Japan, Singapore, South America, Middle East, Macau, Hong Kong, etc. However, we don’t have sales or exports in mainland China. All of our products are made and done with first-rates and high quality spare parts which are actually imported from Germany, Italy, Taiwan and France. Moreover, our quality products are also made in accordance with the international quality standard in order to provide our customers a high satisfaction rate due to its durability. Aside from producing commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment, we also offer such equipment as par with the demands and requirements of our customers.


Product Overview


  • Cold Drink Dispenser

    made by using high quality materials that are safe and hygienic. This product is highly durable as its body is made of stainless steel and the transparent PC plastic bowls are totally unbreakable. The composition of control units and motors of our dispensers are 100% made from Italy.

  • Upright Display Freezer

    made with demists vacuum glass coating doors that are imported from Taiwan. We also used an eco-friendly R404 refrigerant and a France-made compressor to ensure its quality. The Freezer temperature can be as low as -20 ⁰C as it depends on the electric controls

  • Upright Display Chiller

    features an air-cool design with either Sino-Italian manufacturer or Thai-made compressor. An eco-friendly R134A refrigerant is used and its temperature effect is dependent with electric controls.

  • Cake Display Showcases

    stylishly designed for beautification purposes of your place. We're either using Chinese-made electrothermal first rate glass or the Taiwanese-made demist vacuum coating glass. Compressor are also imported from Sino-Italian or Thai plants. The temperature cooling effect is controlled by the use of electronic controls.

  • Stainless Steel Refrigerators

    made with a very attractive design with an air-cooled fan coil motors. The chiller temperature can be controlled from between 0 ⁰C to -5 ⁰C by the electric controls. Compressors are made from either Thai or Italian manufacturer and fan coil motors are Italian-made. On the other hand, the Freezer temperature can be controlled from between -15⁰C to -20 ⁰C. Compressor used can either be France-made or Thai-made and fan coil motors are 100% imported from Italy. Cooling temperature effect is dependent with the use of electronic controls.

  • Stainless Steel Counter Chillers

    made with 100% fan coil made Germany and Thai or Sino-Italian made compressors. Those spare parts are only located in a way that occupies a little space. The fast cooling temperature effect can be attained by the string blow of internal cool air. Also with the use of electric controls, the cooling temperature effect is dependent.

  • Open Showcases

    feature the latest and modern designs of today’s standards. The compressors are France-made and the fan coil motors are Italian-made. The fan coil motor is located at the showcase’s back in order to save more space. The cooling effect of the showcase is dependable on electric controls.